Circle of Support

Circle of Support

The primary audience for LTPD is focused towards coaches and instructors. While the coaching and instruction stream is critical to player development, so too is identifying how the four primary stakeholder groups (instructors/coaches; facility owners/operators; parents; and athletes/players) will benefit most from this guide.


A highly skilled athlete will have a difficult time maximizing his or her potential without the assistance of experienced, trained and certified instructors and coaches. These professionals understand all facets of the game and have developed their own unique teaching methods. For instructors and coaches, this document should act as a guide and an educational reference tool as participants progress through stages of development. By reading this document, instructors and coaches will further understand:

  • The recommended pathway to develop athletes at all levels, including high performance players.
  • The framework put forth by the PGA of Canada and National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).
  • Where each type of instructor or coach fits into the educational framework of golf in Canada.


Parents are the primary source of encouraging enjoyment, confidence and physical activity— especially in the earlier stages of player development. LTPD will help parents understand the challenges of physical literacy and how best to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. In the later stages, parents can use the document as a guideline to understand where their child is at competitively and also what could happen next. By reading this document, parents will further understand:

  • The differences between the stages of emotional, physical and mental development.
  • The requirements for suggested methods of helping children learn to grow in all facets of their development—physical, emotionally, cognitively and socially.
  • How to help teach their child to choose the pathway best suiting their abilities, needs and aspirations.
  • How to support the direction and pathway chosen by the child.


Canadian golf facilities and community centres are often the place where children first learn to develop golf skills. With such a large outreach, these facilities play very important roles in the implementation of activities covered in LTPD. By reading this document, facility owners and operators will further understand:

  • The need for facilities to implement programs fitting within the LTPD umbrella.
  • The benefits of facilities aligning with neighbouring clubs, schools, etc. in their community.
  • How to educate interested parties, such as parents and staff on the player development benefits and goals covered in LTPD.


Athletes and players will benefit by understanding the big picture behind LTPD and what the document aims to achieve. Regardless of skill level, all athletes fall into the grand scheme of creating champions for life.

By reading this document, athletes and players will further understand:

  • The player development pathways made available to pursue the sport.
  • How to mentally and physically prepare for the challenges, failures and successes of competition.
  • The suggested benchmarks for measuring success against his/her peers.

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