Performance Trajectory

The path of every athlete leaves a measure of progression that can be studied.

The Performance Trajectory diagrams (male/female) overview the current and historical time frame for competitive males and females en route to playing careers in professional golf (these time frames reflect hypothetical pathways). The red line signifies the average progression of the top ranked players over the past 10 years as they move towards competing effectively and winning on professional tours.

Performance Trajectory – Male

performance Trajectory

Performance Trajectory – Female

performance Trajectory

The shading on either side of red line demonstrates that there are outliers­—both those who excel at a younger age and those who take longer to excel. It should be realized that the hypothetical pathway is much broader than might be typically understood. In general, the diagrams suggest guidelines for the level of performance outcome for males and females as the athlete progresses along the pathway. The diagram assumes a clear understanding that the complete golfer should be the focus for development, rather than the golfer that simply wins at a young age due to
a short-lived or transient age group advantage.

Although significant data mining has been utilized in constructing these trajectories, they are simply meant to provide some guidance in terms of overall competitive outcomes rather than serve as fixed points of evaluation. In some instances, athletes may not follow this trajectory exactly. The trajectory should, however, be referred to often by coaches and players alike with the goal of staying between the white dotted lines.

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