The Framework

The accompanying diagram encompasses the framework of LTPD:

Golf For Life

The far left column outlines the applicable age groups of golf (and illustrates why golf is consid­ered a sport for all ages).

The second column from the left categorizes the Development Stages into two groups: Physical Literacy and Healthy, Active Lifestyle.

  • The first three rows (Active Start, Fundamentals and Learn to Golf) rows of the framework are classified under the Physical Literacy category as players are still learning and developing basic motor skills during this phase of their lives.
  • The right side of the diagram outlines the overall LTPD stages of development.
  • The middle of the Development Stages in red mark the beginning of the competition stream (Note the arrows signifying upward as well as outward progress. In addition, mid-youth and late entry into the competitive mainstream is possible and arguably should be encouraged for those inclined).
  • The blue section represents those that are recreational golfers, yet still compete against one another in a friendly setting (Note this section is not included as one of the eight development stages).
  • The largest portion of the diagram is green, representing the recreational aspect of golf as a sport for life. One of the unique factors that makes golf special is that at any point along the LTPD trajectory, a player can choose to focus on the health, social and competitive benefits of the game as a recreational enthusiast.

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