State of the Nation


Where We’ve Come From

To address the current state of Canada as a golfing nation, we must first look back at the goals set by the initial LTPD Guide in 2006. The following must-do initiatives were identified in the original LTPD Guide have been launched or implemented:

  • Identification of Canada’s player pathway.
  • Development of sophisticated methods for tracking our best junior players (i.e. Sporting DNA, TrackMan, Order of Merit, Shot by Shot and others).
  • Integration of National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) into the PGA of Canada coach education model in all three identified streams of development.
  • Integration of golf into the physical health and education curriculum of the Canadian school system.
  • Increased the importance of grassroots participation programs:
    • Golf in Schools — The Golf in Schools program has been developed by Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada in partnership with PHE Canada to deliver physical education learning outcomes through the sport of golf in both elementary and high schools.
    • Future Links — Canada’s national junior golf program—conducted by Golf Canada in partnership with the PGA of Canada and the provincial golf associations—featuring an umbrella of quality junior golf activities designed to deliver a positive golf experience for all enthusiasts.
    • Field Trip program — A get linked initiative that bridges the gap from golf in the classroom through Golf in Schools to registered Future Links facilities that offer quality golf activities to junior participants.
  • Reduction of barriers to playing the game (i.e. golf as a physical education unit, Girls Club as a focused program; PGA Junior League delivered by Future Links and the Future Links Field Trip program).
  • A stronger support system for our emerging professional players (i.e. the 2014 launch of the Young Pro Squad program).
  • A defined scope to Golf For Life that any golfer, regardless of ability, skill set or demographic background can enjoy the many health, social and competitive benefits of golf as the game of a lifetime.


With 10,000 elementary and 4,600 high schools, the Canadian school system physical education curriculum is the single most concentrated opportunity to introduce children of all backgrounds to golf.

Where We’re Going

LTPD 2.0 brings a continued focus on working towards developing the potential of every golfer in Canada while simultaneously increasing participation in the sport. As a blueprint for player development, LTPD 2.0 identifies a set of lofty but attainable goals:

  • Refine and increase the awareness of golf’s competitive pathway along with the appropriate training.
  • Provide quality resources to facilities and clubs to support the implementation of LTPD
    compliant programming (i.e. Future Links Learn to Play, Learn to Compete).
  • Identification and partnership to establish a year-round, outdoor national training facility
    and educational institution.
  • Identification and partnership to establish regional training centres for performance training.
  • Continue to develop sophisticated methods for tracking junior golfers.
  • Increase awareness and support for PGA of Canada Training and Certification.
  • Develop programs and initiatives to transition school programming to golf facilities engaged in the Future Links national junior golf program
  • Increase participation in specific initiatives and golf programs targeted at girls.
  • Tap into new funding sources for LTPD compliant programming, including sponsorship, Sport Canada, Own the Podium and the Golf Canada Foundation.
  • Work with Canadian golf industry partners to grow Future Links, Golf in Schools and other grassroots programs.
  • Leverage and support the Team Canada Amateur Squad, Young Pro Squad and Olympic players to create golf heroes for Canada’s youth.
  • Improve consistency of developmental high performance programming across the provincial golf associations.


Canadian George S. Lyon hoisted the Olympic golf trophy when it was last contested in 1904. Golf returns to the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

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